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Monthly Membership for Bereaved Parents

Imagine having access to your own personal support network that understands what it means to lose a child. Gain helpful tools and skills to put into action and develop over time. I'm talking about making significant change to your mood, self worth and ability to participate in life. 

Connect with me every month, live online. Think: Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom or Skype. 

You don't have to go anywhere, arrange a ride or explain your situation to another stranger. Stay right here in front of your computer. It doesn't matter if you didn't get dressed, haven't showered or have eyes swollen from crying. No one will see you. 

Don't worry if you miss one.  Watch it later on the recording any time you want. In fact watch all the ones you missed before you even became a member with access to the full library. 

Every single month you will receive a full lesson. Each lesson will focus on a specific topic and provide actions and resources for you.  Each topic is directly aimed at improving your life's experience after traumatic loss.

"What If I Have An Issue Now That's Not In The Video Library!?"

That's Ok, I've got you covered. Between the live teachings, I will give a "Questions Answered Series". It is here where you will get an opportunity to ask your own questions and see what other people are struggling with. As a community we support each other and share our successes ... and our struggles. 

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Consistent, Affordable Membership 

Therapy is expensive and in my experience, wasn't very helpful. It did not provide the tools and skills I needed to develop as a bereaved parent. 

While some therapists will charge as much as $250 per hour, the average 45 to 60-minute session costs between $60 and $120. 3 hours could cost you $750! 

That is a lot of money to waste (and very little time) for something that is not providing any helpful answers.

Now, I am not a doctor, psychiatrist or licensed therapist. However, I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Coach, Researcher and Personal Development Professional.

Most importantly, I am a bereaved parent who is living a happy, healthy, meaningful life after the death of my only child. If that isn't enough for you to believe I have some valuable wisdom to share, then this membership isn't right for you. 

If you believe you will benefit from

  • consistent monthly coaching on relative topics
  • steady access to a library of all classes
  • access to Q&A sessions in the private group
  • ability to ask questions yourself ... and get answers relative to you
  • great information backed by personal success & improved happiness

... then I encourage you to enroll today and become part of this new community of parents who are navigating the most difficult chapter of their lives. None of us need to do this alone anymore.

And here's the good part, your membership is only $49 per month! 

Scroll down to discover what you'll learn.

Register Now for Your Monthly Coaching Membership Only $49 per month paid yearly

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"Building a beautiful life after losing my only child is the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever accomplished. 

When I meet Tristan again and he asks me how I spent my life after he left, I will have amazing stories to share so he too will know what it is to live. 

It's important to share these lessons with parents who are suffering. They mustn't be alone anymore."

-Kitty Howard #HonorYourLoss #HonorYourLife

3 Hours of Therapy Can Cost $750!

Your membership gives you 12 full lessons delivered monthly, access to the entire library of videos, plus a second monthly session of the Q&A Series where you can participate, asking the questions you need answers to now. 

Here are a few topics I teach in Honor Your Loss; 

  • How to Overcome Recurring Traumatic Memories & Thoughts
  • How to Sleep 8 Hours & Why it's Important
  • "Call if You Need Anything" - Figuring Out What You Need
  • How to Ask for Help When You Can Barely Breathe
  • Who Am I Without My Child? Evaluating My Future Identity
  • Is My Grief Affected By the Gut-Brain Connection? 
  • Detox & Declutter - An Environment for Healthy Grieving
  • Can Nutrition Really Change Your Mood? Spoiler: Yes!
  • Simple Steps to Increase Energy
  • Why Getting Outside Helps Isolation
  • What to Do When Friends Stop Calling - Who Supports You?
  • Should I "Break-Up" With People Who Aren't Supporting My Process?
  • 3 Steps to Ending Traumatic Memories
  • How to Nurture New Relationships (non-romantic)
  • How to Respond to Difficult People, Questions & Situations
  • Watching Netflix Is the Key to Meditation - Starting Your Practise
  • How Exercise, Stillness & Yoga Improve Your Mood
  • Can You End Anxiety by Facing Fears? Accessing Happiness
  • Will My Childhood Memories Unlock Future Potential?  
  • How to Reframe Holidays and Plan for Anniversaries
  • & More
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Register Now for Your Monthly Coaching Membership Only $49 per month paid yearly

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Is Membership for You? 

When I coach someone privately, the initial program package is $1000 for 8 hours. That's $125/hour. This is an option that is available to a few people per month. If you prefer a live interactive 1:1 approach or have a delicate situation to work through, this may be your best option. [Apply Here for Private Coaching].

You'll want to enroll in the Monthly Membership Group 

- If you want to have ongoing access to affordable learning

- Would like to replay the training sessions 1x or 100x

- Wonder if there's a  "How To" version of positive grieving

- Are interested in personal development

- Would benefit from the experiences of others

- Want to participate in a group 

- Aren't quite ready to participate in a group...

- ... but would like to read and learn from questions asked by others

- Want ask questions and get answers that make sense

- Understand you will need help and support for months or possibly years

- You need on going support 

- Learn from someone who is a bereaved parent,  successful coach, great listener and has achieved a life of purpose and joy after the death of her child


Register Now for Your Monthly Coaching Membership Only $49 per month paid yearly

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Legacy Letters 

Craft their unique story to share it with the world. Your love and their life will always matter.  

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Coaching Online

Affordable consistent support & training in a private members only group. Recorded live.

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A 3-Day event at a beautiful venue where Kitty will lead you through the entire program.

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The HYL Blog

Explore answers & insight through neuroscience, nutrition & other grief disruptors.


Life is still worth living

Honor Your Loss. Honor Your Life.

Connection. Self Care. Life Plan. 

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