My Journey To Becoming A Grief Worker And Why I Specialize In Bereaved Parents

Don't Worry, I Help People With All Types Of Loss

It All Began With A Promise

My Journey To Becoming A Grief Worker And Why I Specialize In Bereaved Parents


I have been on a long, difficult and beautiful journey to fulfill a promise I made to my son and ultimately to myself.

The promise I made took place in 2008 and was in two parts.

1.  To quit smoking, and

2. To learn how to live life beautifully without my son.  

He died after a very short battle with cancer and my world suddenly looked as though there were two options. I could fall completely apart or pull myself up and figure out how to live in a  way that would bring happiness, love and fulfilment back into my life.  

Since I didn't much care for the first option I decided to figure out the second.


At First Everything Was A Struggle.

From getting out of bed, to trying to understand why the world was still functioning while I was not. It was hard just to exist.  I remembered my promise and forced myself out daily in search of something beautiful. Watching the sun rise every morning was the start.  I searched for anything that was beautiful and focused on those singular moments of inspiration.  And so began my dedication to mindfulness and meditation.  

It took some time and I eventually figured out the secret behind it all.  Slowly life became brighter, joy filled my heart and my dreams became my reality. 


I learned to be successful is to have a life filled with joy and happiness. You must rediscover what your soul's desire is. Then work consistently towards fulfilling these goals and dreams. 

For me, I remembered being a girl and thinking of the things I wanted to do and the person I wanted to become. I had wanted to travel, speak Spanish, own a home in the woods and one in the sky, have the freedom to live my dreams and share my life with the people I love. 

What I realized in that moment was that I hadn't started living because I was afraid. Afraid to try, afraid of failing, afraid to start over and of success. 

Sound familiar? 

Change The Litmus Test For Life.

I bought a new journal and began to list all the exciting things I had wanted to experience, all the achievements that had been put aside for others and the dreams I had for myself.  Then I set out to do them. ALL! 

I've done such a good job of my "bucket list" I've had to make a new one! 

Some of my highlights have been;

  • Living in Central America & Muskoka Canada
  • Swimming with sea turtles
  • Purchasing my first house by myself
  • Living in the most beautiful place on earth
  • Going back to school earning 2 new certifications 
  • Spending lots of quality time with the people I love
  • Taking time every day for self care
  • Owning my schedule
  • Learning how to communicate my feelings
  • Having a career that brings me great satisfaction and joy

Oh yes, and I quit smoking. 

My Dream For YOU

Creating the life you want and the desired mindset are absolutely possible. There are constant challenges and difficult obstacles.

I can assure you none are insurmountable. I have found peace, pure happiness and a thirst for life that is exhilarating.

Every day life brings new promises of beautiful opportunity. I hope to inspire and guide you to your best possible self. The happy, successful person who lives inside of you and wants desparately to be set free, to face the challenge and climb up to your highest self. 

A  wise man once said, "There is no progress without struggle."

My desire is for you to feel love and be love, to find courage and face fears,  to become fully engaged in your mindset growth so you too will succeed to your highest potential.   

No matter your losses and challenges, I want help you become dedicated to your own becoming. I will show you how while honouring your loss, you will learn to honour your life.  

Sending you love, courage and radiance

~ Kitty Howard  xo

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Do something amazing for yourself, with amazing people in amazing places. Have I said "Amazing" Enough?

Fun Random Facts

  1. I once worked for Keith Richards and Mic Jagger
  2. My favourite ice cream is Pralines and Cream (but I'm on a Keto life plan so this love affair is over)
  3. While hiking I've discovered bears run away from me
  4. Travelling, meeting new people & eating new foods are my 3 most favourite things 
  5. I'm working towards a business model that includes YOU in those 3 things (workshops & retreats in Muskoka Canada & Central America)

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